Galactic Battle Arena
GBA This was a Flash game intended to be sort of a souped up facebook application in the vein of the werewolf and vampire ones. In this you can create and save a character, and choose to fight other characters people have made. It sort of rolls with the possibility you have of defeating someone like in an RPG. The more people you defeat, the more points you get. If you defeat someone with more points than you, you gain more points. Enemies with higher point values are however more difficult. You can also challenge the Overlord of the Galactic Battle Arena, but goodluck defeating him!

Kiv: The Robot Boy
Kiv: The Robot Boy An animation done in Flash featuring my character Kiv the Robot Boy.

Monster Dance Party
Monster Dance Party This is another Flash animation, and it is about a Monster dance party. It aws done to be part of a long string of student animations that flowed into one another, having an identical beginning and ending frame (with the theatre curtains). The music used is "Your retro Career Melted" by the Faint.

Forest Song
Forest Song A short, strange animation I did for an art class. It contains strangely familiar creatures known as Squirloids and a mask wearing boy with an instrument that causes Squirloids to follow him.

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