Zombietine's Day 2008
digital piece Digitally drawn on my Nintendo DS with a program called Phidias. This is part of my strange holiday "greeting cards" I send out online to my friends to make the holidays a bit more humorous.

Be Prepared
digital piece An image I digitally painted using my Wacom tablet for one of my classes. All of the monsters in it were from drawings I have done in the last 2 or 3 years, just redone to be a little more realistic looking.

Zombie Abe
digital piece A friend of mine talked about doing a comic about Abe Lincoln as a zombie, so I drew this image of my idea of the character incase we ever ended up making it.

ME digital piece A drawing of me done in Flash using my tablet.

Kiv the Swordsman digital piece A design with my character Kiv the robot boy swinging some swords around.

Kiv the Gunslinger digital piece Kiv the robot boy weilding some smoking guns.

Kiv the Weaponmorph digital piece Kiv the robot boy is a character I randomly made up one day, who can morph his hands into weapons if he feels the need.

Thinking or Something Like it digital piece A drawing done with my Wacom Tablet.

Internal Hell digital piece Internal Hell was a drawing I did one night entirely in ballpoint pen, probably within an hour or two. I then scanned it in, and colored it in photoshop. The symbols in the background were writting on white paper with black ballpoint pen, scanned, altered, and then added as a backing layer.

A Moment in Passing digital piece This was a drawing I started and pretty much completed on my mom's birthday. It was done in mechanical pencil (7 mm lead I believe), and then scanned and colored in photoshop. This piece was probably revised 5 or 6 times, in different stages of completion. But, this is hopefully the final version.

Spectral Wings digital piece This drawing was done in several stages... The main drawing, the actual dragon was drawn in pencil, and then scanned. Then, the form for the wing was done, and then both were airbrushed in Photoshop. For the body, I attempted to show a more dog-like form, whereas msot dragons are usually depicted as heaving dinosaurs with massive fangs.

Daemonic Sketchbook digital piece A drawing from one of my classes last year, not done for the class, just done while doing nothing else. This was colored by HeatherBomb, who is quite talented at it.

Breathe digital piece I was listening to a song by Live called "Where Fishes Go" and I guess it kind of inspired this... though I had my own lines of thinking to use for it too. It's just the idea of changing yourself to hide beneath the water, to escape the dry surface world, and learning to beathe in the element which makes us up.
Credits: Stock image from and of: OnPaintedWings

Imagination digital piece Part of a photomanipulation project for one of my classes. I put together the background using some images from morguefile, the hill, the city, and 2 parts of the clouds all from different images.
Credits: Stock image of the angel from: PrettyPineapple

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